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Livre "Sportives !"

Livre "Sportives !"

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Sportives! is a book featuring black and white portraits of women practicing a sport represented at the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Women of all ages, of all origins, amateurs in the first sense of Olympism. The photos are taken throughout France, in close cooperation with clubs and associations. All Olympic disciplines are represented.


The values defended by these photos are diversity, integration, authenticity, proximity and the values of sport and disabled sport.


The artistic vision of the book is the encounter between female sport and the gaze of a photographer. Eric Mistler combines the emotions created by sport such as determination, strength, pain, joy or disappointment and the timelessness of black and white photography. For Eric, a humanist photographer, each shooting session is a moment of complicity and empathy with the woman practicing her sport. Thus, he offers a subtle mix of pure portraits and portraits in action. Through his vision he sublimates the splendour of sport."


Paris Buenos Aires" is a 192-page book, 24cm x 29cm landscape format, 158 black and white photos, published in 2023.

The book is bilingual, French and English.

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