Eric Mistler is a Franco-Argentinian photographer who has dedicated his artistic life to images.

Born in Buenos Aires, he moved to Paris with his family when he was thirteen. From a very young age, Eric photographed and filmed with the camera and super 8 camera given to him by his grandfather.

He created an independent production house and focused on his two passions: music and sport. His photos of Renaud (album cover “Marche à l’Ombre”) or his documentaries on AC/DC (AC/DC Let There Be Rock) and the navigator Eugène Riguidel (“Apellez moi donc Eugène”) meet a very large audience .

Eric produced Bruno Podalydes' first films including “Versailles Rive Gauche”, César for best short film in 1992.

In 2017, Eric decided to return to his initial passion: humanist photography. He returns for the first time to Buenos Aires after forty years of absence. He spent six months photographing the town where he was born. Back in France, the Paris Buenos Aires project was born: a book and exhibitions in France and Argentina.

In 2021, a portrait of an Argentinian rugby player playing in Paris created the creative trigger behind the Sportives! project.

The book Sportives! is published in November 2023 and many exhibitions are planned throughout France in 2024